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I have a Canon PowerShot SD200, purchased in 2005, that has been a wonderful camera for 12 years. Then this year, when I got a "low battery" message and tried to shut it down to change the battery: E18. I went on your site and tried the first 11 techniques, to no avail. Finally, following the instructions for Step 12, I removed the outer metal case and located the little dial that's at the upper left of the camera (when viewed from the back). I was able to turn it with the same "00" Phillips head screwdriver I needed to use to remove the case, but I wasn't sure which way to spin it, or how far. But on the third try, after rotating it towards me many times, I replaced the case, turned the camera on, and IT WORKED! I'm still amazed, but thank you so much for this resource. My SD200 still had a lot of great years left and I'm glad to have it back in service.

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